There is a huge resource for MAPS and
known-location PHOTOGRAPHS, including
satellite and aerial photos.
Firstly, if you are on a PC, look for MAPSEND (Streets Europe v4.10) as an icon on the desktop. This is useful for route planning. Other route planners can be found on the internet on the AA and RAC sites, and also within MULTIMAP etc.

The Ordnance Survey is happy to let you view its 1:25000 and 1:50000 series (Explorer and Landranger maps) on-line with their Get-a-map software.
Click the icon above and enter an adress or postcode for the UK.

"The Geograph British Isles project aims to collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland, and you can be part of it."

A few years on and now most kilometre squares have one or more photos. But there is plenty of scope for many thousands more meaningful photos (landscapes/buildings) to be uploaded to the site.
Here's how it works. Put in the grid reference SM8800 and you will go to Freshwater West beach in Wales. As well as the usual pics of the dunes and beach, you'll the film-set cottage built for the Harry Potter film -- a temporary structure recorded now for posterity.
Click on a thumb-nail photo and you get more detail, map info, photographer detail, precise location, direction of view, list of other photos for that kilometre grid square SM8800 and how you may re-use the image if you wish. (There were 10 images for this square as of 6-6-09)
When you call up the photographer detail, you get a listing of the location/photos that person has uploaded to the project (only the latest 100 photos are directly listed). These photos may be for all over Britain, or, if confined to a particular area, they give a useful representation of the countryside.

Anyone who wishes to geograph a Gridsquare (ie: upload a relevant photo to its map location) should first register (free) and then go to to learn what to do.
When taking your photograph you'll need to know your photographer position and the subject position as 6-figure grid references.

As a spin-off to this idea of promoting an area, there is which aims to "Rate Great Britain's pretty places" It seems to be a site in its infancy.

Wikipedia has a List of United Kingdom locations. Look up Exmouth and you get three options -- click the word Exmouth to get Wikipedia's page for Exmouth. Click Latitude/Longitude link and you'll jump to a list of maps and photo providers. The third option, an OS Reference link, unfortunately only shows forbidden.

Magic presents large-scale OS extracts, in faded grey, onto which various overlays of environmental details can be imposed.

Free Wiki World map.

"The GeoNames geographical database covers all countries and contains over eight million placenames that are available for download free of charge. GeoNames has a simple edit interface that allow users to edit GeoNames information"

Google has very clear satellite photographs and the on-going street level views facility. Can describe direction routes in AA/RAC style.

Very detailed for towns in A to Z mapping style. Can describe direction routes in AA/RAC style.

Has the Bird's Eye views taken from low-flying aircraft as well as satellite views. Can describe direction routes in AA/RAC style. Includes "bing" which can look for businesses and landmarkes.

Uses OS maps at 1:500000 and 1:25000. Has co-ordinates converter.

Garmin GPS

Postcode finder -- may only use it a few tines each day. Limited access.