Click on this sentence to go
directly to Squirrel Mail on the Web
psswds k*****and 0lo****1
A new window will open for you.


In Squirrel Mail choose options then Change Password.
The convention for showing you how to navigate a
menu system is to write the clicking-sequence with
the BAR | separator, thus "choose options|change password"


In Squirrel Mail do the following:

Compose | (scroll down) | browse |(find the file you need) | click to
highlight it | OPEN button | (back in Squirrel Mail click ADD
button | wait while file is transfered from your hard drive to
Squirrel Mail | write more text or add more attachments then click SEND

Correct at Christmas 2012

Emma Cavendish ==== 
client Huw ========== 
Flora Waite-taylor ====
milla mackley ======= 
Sylvaine Carrer2 =====
Sylvaine Carrer1 ====== 
Edward sargent =======
Sylvia Jackson =======
Dominic Taylor =======
David Wright ========
Emma Cavendish =====
Nicola Lucas ========
Carolyn Bllingsley ====
mary critchley =======
Matthew Sansam =====
Ben Taylor ==========
Freya Waite Taylor ====
Emile waite-taylor ====
jane Brendgen ======
Client Sallie Ranken ==
Freya Waite Taylor ===
Sue Liddiard ========
Dick and Averil ======
Fred & Phil =========
Michael and Simon ===
Chantal Charbonel ===
Emile Taylor =========
James Lucas =========
Nicola Lucas =========
mary critchley ========
Hazel Lucas ==========
Vicky Gallop ==========
Helen Nash ==========
Cecile Taylor ==========
Richard Sargent =======
Matthew Sansam ======
Milla Mackley =========
Victoria Silver =========
Andrew Nash =========
Rosie Lees ========== 
robert Harvey ========= 
Emma Cavendish ======
Helen Nash ===========

   tonyamb       Tony   Ambrose   
   hongyu2   Hongyu   Lizs lodger old email  
   hongyu   Hongyu Jiang   Liz's lodger  
   jude   Jude Lees   Ro's sister  
   critchley   Mary Critchley     
   peter   Peter White   Emma's partner  
   stephen   Stephen Clarke   My solicitor  
   tom   Thomas Jones   CDswaps